- No songs over 6 min.
- No instrumentals.
- I will tell you if another person has already submitted a song you've submitted. You can pick a new one.
- I will not tell you if you broke a rule. You don't get to pick a new song.
- Once I've faved your DM I've added your songs. Please make up your mind before you send in your submissions, there is enough time because
- I will toot the prompt on Wed 10 AM CET and then you have 24h to send me DMs. I'll post the playlist on Thur 10 AM.

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I will link to these rules in every prompt, no one has to memorize them. This is also exactly 500 characters so I figured that would give me more space to write an actual promt.

One more rule because this has been a problem with playlists in the past.

Please only add songs you actually love.
Don't submit songs because you want to "show other people hidden gems they didn't know about".
A community-sourced playlist that's supposed to be listenable for everyone is not the place for that, at least not this one.
Thank you!

@MastoSourcedPlaylist hi! I'm very confused. Has the prompt been posted yet? Or DMd?

@MastoSourcedPlaylist oh my god, thanks, I am very lost in time, jeezus. 🤦‍♀️

- No songs over 6 min.
- No instrumentals.

remaining songs: 0 🙀

@JennyFluff Which is fine. There are enough people participating in this project.

@MastoSourcedPlaylist honestly I rather wished you were poking me towards a project that accepted these.

@JennyFluff I don't know of anyone else doing a playlist project like this. I took over this one and it was "nothing under 7 min" first but those songs are just too long. 6 min is still too long but we'll see how it goes. I can still adjust later.

@MastoSourcedPlaylist @JennyFluff if either of you hear of a list that is long instrumentals over 6 minutes and/or has gothic saw techno, please ping me.

THAT is what I'd be really interested in.

(Enough that I would try to find a way to change the source from spotify, which I think you use? to something so I can listen. I like the concept, but the implementation is no-go for me here.)

(Mind you I'd be really upset if the instrumental is a 14 or 15 minute song where the first 7 minutes is increidbly boring techno, then a drop, then repeat the EXACT same bad techno for 7 minutes. That makes my brain scream as if it were in pain. So I'm also over here saying "ooh the potential is awesome!" and also hedging a bet (: )

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