Here it is, the first playlist under new rule: The One That Starts With J

Thank you to everyone who participated and I hope you like the result.

@MastoSourcedPlaylist White rabbit! *dances weirdly through the room* Awesome!

@Virelai I'm looking forward to listening to it because I think this is a good one!

@MastoSourcedPlaylist I’m glad someone put are you gonna be my girl and momma told me not to come! :hamsterdance: I knew I should’ve submitted tiny dancer!

@Iuckyduck I can take credit for Tom Jones!
I think this is a good playlist, there are some good ones on there.

@MastoSourcedPlaylist lots of good ones! i just noticed a bunch more of songs i know and love.

@Iuckyduck @MastoSourcedPlaylist ...and I can take credit for are you gonna be my girl! *hat tip* (Why is there no hat tip emoji?!)

@MastoSourcedPlaylist Missed this one because my concept of the passage of time and days of the week are totally borked nowadays, but I'll have to check it out.

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