- No songs over 6 min.
- No instrumentals.
- I will tell you if another person has already submitted a song you've submitted. You can pick a new one.
- I will not tell you if you broke a rule. You don't get to pick a new song.
- Once I've faved your DM I've added your songs. Please make up your mind before you send in your submissions, there is enough time because
- I will toot the prompt on Wed 2 PM CET and then you have 24h to send me DMs. I'll post the playlist on Thur 2 PM.

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- This is going to be a playlist on Spotify. Please send me songs that are *available on Spotify*, if you're feeling generous maybe even send me the actual Spotify links.
Don't send me Bandcamp/Youtube links because you "don't have Spotify". Don't participate if you're not intending to listen to the resulting playlist.
You'd think this would all be a given but apparently not. 😆

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