@MastoSourcedPlaylist the one time we do an instrumental one I forget? Aw man…

@MastoSourcedPlaylist what I appreciate about this one is the fact that I can actually listen to it while working without being distracted! So I really wish for more of these special editions in the future :D

@MastoSourcedPlaylist I think it's fascinating that few people went for (Western) Classical music. It's the first thing that sprang to mind for me when I read "instrumental," but it's so cool that other people chose other genres! I love it!

@stelepami Same! I'm so glad people went different ways. I was immediately like "Howard Shore, yes" and thought everyone would go that route but basically no one else did and that's super fun!

@MastoSourcedPlaylist Many thanks to whoever included the Too Many Zooz song. I now love this group and have been grooving to their music for a couple of hours!

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