A new playlist! I kept the songs in order so both songs people submitted stayed together to see how different or similar they are. There's an uneven number - one song was too long - but no worries, I arranged them so for most of the playlist it goes: what they think I'm listening to, what I'm actually listening to

Apologies for the clearly too difficult topic: I get surprised by Wednesdays and had to find SOMETHING so I wouldn't skip a week again.

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@MastoSourcedPlaylist This was one of my favorite themes!

High five to whoever chose Karma Police because I very nearly picked that as the song people think I'm listening to.

Also, my partner suggested choosing Flight of the Conchords for a what I'm actually listening to song, but since I don't usually listen to them, I disagreed, but I thought it was great seeing someone else choose one of their songs. My choice was a song I've legit been listening to lately.

@Juju @PostMasterGeneral I'm now listening to the entire "Ska Makes Everything Better" album.

@PostMasterGeneral @Juju yes thank you this is fueling my housework frenzy

I have heard a ska cover of "Walking on Sunshine" before and it continues to amaze me that such a bouncy song can get more upbeat. Whoo!

@MastoSourcedPlaylist lol I know better than to pick a tool song and not check length 😅

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