It's the playlist!
I recommend everyone definitely listen to the first song. Love Love Peace Peace describes how do create a winning Eurovision song . If you have time I'd say to definitely watch the video to it. It's glorious.
Thanks, everybody, for coming with me on this journey. Thanks to the Americans for being good sports about this topic.

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@MastoSourcedPlaylist I love that this is the one like a billion of my friends participated in as dancers and audience because it was local.. :P

@MastoSourcedPlaylist I forgot!! Excited to listen to this though and hopefully find some cool new stuff

@MastoSourcedPlaylist I already have!! It's a good list & the songs are fun on this one!!

@ItsJenNotGabby Oh nice, that's great! I also feel like people chose very fun songs for this. Eurovision can be super fun when it's not all sad ballads.

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