Today's topic is brought to you by The Founder. He thought it would be a nice idea and I agree.
In Eurovision the Russian entry sang about how men ain't shit and The Boys™️ got mad but Justin got ~inspired~.
Send me two or three songs about powerful women (preferably sung by themselves) 🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴.
These are the basic rules, please read them first:

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Reminder for the people in the Americas that this is happening.

Here's The One About Powerful Women! 💪
Thank you everyone for participating. This is longer than the average and I for one am excited to listen to it!

@MastoSourcedPlaylist I almost submitted "Confident" by Dmi Lovato but then I remembered that they're nonbinary! :heart_nb:

@moiety @MastoSourcedPlaylist lmao, I was listening to songs all day, but kept getting distracted by good jams that were BY women but not necessarily about how bad ass they are

@MastoSourcedPlaylist I'm excited about this one! And I'm pleased to see that some of the songs I wanted to submit but couldn't made it onto there anyway! (SOMEONE was going to submit Aertha so I went with others.)

@stelepami The submitter also didn't want to submit it at first because SURELY someone else would. But he did after all since one of the other songs were already on it. As the only one!

@MastoSourcedPlaylist ahhh i can't believe i forgot about Skunk Anansie, glad someone else remembered

@Virelai i feel like this happens every other week 🤣 i need to remember skunk anansie better

@balrogboogie hahaha true! But if not, you can count on me! ;)


STRONG Content Warning for thoughts about hurting oneself and others in song "Seratonin" on this playlist.

Explicit, descriptive mentions of self-harm.

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Take me down to Misandry City Where they all hate men and the mayor's witty