The men are at it again.
I'm sure he'd love to find someone else's still wet jizz on his sheets.

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@mayor what. the. actual. fuck. *how* does he not see the problem here

@balrogboogie RIGHT? I also love that the mom was like "DON'T RUIN THE COUCH! BLEED ON YOUR STEP SISTER'S BED". Totally normal.

@mayor right?? like, criticizing how someone handles their period is not my lane, so i won't, but it does seem like cleaning up after yourself is literally the least you could do

@balrogboogie Yes and even if she's being a shitty teen (at 21) the least the DAD could do was to get his daughter new sheets because this is gross to dangerous, ugh.

@mayor that's way to many people to follow the story, no wonder they're short on beds!

@mayor given a careful re-read they're not even short on beds. wtf?!

@mayor So many assholes in this story, including the dad… Letting her use that bed in the first place was already an asshole move.

@toni Everyone is shitty in this except for the 16-year old.
Why do you not wear clothes in another person's bed?
Why did the child have to clean up her (probably dying?) mother's vomit and blood?
Like... the fuck is going on there? I hope she gets out and never talks to these people again.

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