At this point this account is just for posting Reddit posts and complaining about men being garbage. That wasn't the plan but here we are.

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Turns out she is 24 and he's 31 which is a pretty big age gap at that age, especially since they have a child that eats solids, so the BEST case scenario is 22/29. Ugh.

Pls healthy food.
No healthy ingredients,
Only healthy food.

@mayor you are going to be busy with this account

@mayor at first I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt in the sense that maybe he is autistic and really likes eating the same food over and over again (seriously I will eat burritos for lunch for weeks on end), but it doesn't sound entirely like that, and even so it's not her responsibility to cook two separate and unique meals every time she cooks. He just needs to grow up!

@lapis @mayor Even if he doesn't have specific dietary requirements and she agrees to do most of the cooking, it's his responsibility to be clear about what he can/wants to eat. What he's doing is being purposefully vague so he can play mind games with her. "I want the same meal, but different, but plain, but why isn't it fancy?" is 100% designed to keep her putting effort into pleasing him with goalposts she can't reach.

@erinbee @mayor this. No one can help you if you don't make it clear what your issue is.

Honestly she should just buy him things of soylent or something if he hates eating that much

@lapis She even offered doing that but he wants her to put in "as much effort as she puts into her meals". Like, bitch, what can you make with plain chicken and plain potatoes?

@mayor The real question I have is he hates all spices. So do a lot of white people, love eating their bland mush. (In this house we dump a shitload of spices on everything which is probably an overcorrection)

But what about salt and pepper, are those separate? Are those allowed?

It's not like it would help her in any way, I just want to understand.

I'd almost say give him cooking lessons, you could make it a cute couple thing, but he is 100% approaching this in bad faith and this won't work.

This poor woman . 😩

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