New day and I once again want to kick a man in the throat. It's a pandemic and between Christmas and now there have not been any special days, you absolute tool.

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@mayor :blobglare: what a douche.
I can't tell if she doesn't like the dress and doesn't want to hurt his fragile feelings or if she is genuinely saving it for an occasion. Either way if he likes dress-up so much he should get a barbie.

@lapis Or put it on himself. Also: appreciate that she's sending you sexy pictures, dude. What the hell is his problem?

@mayor there was this AITA yesterday or the day before where it was like

"I could drive to my gf's house, but she was serving leftovers! I can eat that at home, fuck that!"

leftovers are delicious clearly don't want to spend time with your girlfriend. why are you even together?

@mayor I do not get the whole jokes about hating your spouse like it's a requirement!

Why are you with someone you hate?

I'd get it if it was something where you're going through a rough patch or something but it always seems like they hated their spouse in the first place!

@mayor I just checked the comments and it turns out that she already has the same dress, but in different colours.

Why isn’t she eager to try out a dress she already owns. What a mystery.

@miramarco I didn't even see that! That makes it even worse. Complaining about lewds is also a real choice...

@mayor the original post is gone but I can get the gist from the comments and yea, fuck that absolute asshat

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