The Wartburg has been inked and the trees are painted. Now I'm scared to ruin the Burg itself
with color.

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After the Sacré-Coeur which is just nice to look at I decided that my next project is the Wartburg. Good German construction, NO FRILLS, THIS IS NOT FOR FUN, THIS IS EFFICIENT!

Proposal for what to do with cheaters.

CW unpleasant drawing of a penis

Man looking at you creepily and expectantly when you have a banana in your hand that you were about to eat?
Try this.

The official instance bird is the bare-faced go-away-bird (Corythaixoides personatus).
It literally yells "go away".

Here we have our mascot image and our instance header image.
Setting the right mood is so important.

Take me down to Misandry City Where they all hate men and the mayor's witty