I'm trying out for the first time. I'm curious to see if Sid Meier slapping his name on every one of these out of pride is justified or not.

Playing instead.
I'm finding out I don't know things.

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We played and finished today and it was really fun. The puzzles weren't too hard (if you properly talk to the person you're playing with 👀) and it looked nice. That white raven was a real dick, though.

@miramarco I didn't even see that! That makes it even worse. Complaining about lewds is also a real choice...

@lapis Or put it on himself. Also: appreciate that she's sending you sexy pictures, dude. What the hell is his problem?

New day and I once again want to kick a man in the throat. It's a pandemic and between Christmas and now there have not been any special days, you absolute tool.


Man looking at you creepily and expectantly when you have a banana in your hand that you were about to eat?
Try this.

stream, Planet Zoo 

@moiety At the moment I can only think of Satisfactory and I can't play that with anyone else. I think Justin would see that on the same level as cheating. He loves that game :D

stream, Planet Zoo 

@moiety Oh yes! There should be a coop mode for Planet Zoo!

@john It's true. Right now it's just me posting Reddit posts I'm mad about and this account is too good for that.

@john I don't even remember the name anymore. I feel like it had "porn" in the name.
But this one is just so much more expensive xD

This could be my gaming account? Honestly, I don't know what to do with it. It amused me but then I never thought about what I'll do with this after the initial setting up the instance. 😆

stream, Planet Zoo 

@moiety Ooooh, maybe we'll have battling streams. And by that I mean I'm THINKING about it but probably won't xD

@lapis She even offered doing that but he wants her to put in "as much effort as she puts into her meals". Like, bitch, what can you make with plain chicken and plain potatoes?

Turns out she is 24 and he's 31 which is a pretty big age gap at that age, especially since they have a child that eats solids, so the BEST case scenario is 22/29. Ugh.

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Pls healthy food.
No healthy ingredients,
Only healthy food.

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Take me down to Misandry City Where they all hate men and the mayor's witty @erinbee@gorgon.city